Getting a lot of comments on your recent Facebook post-some good-some bad and the number of comments is really the worst. Deleting the comment is the only solution to this question that helps you to grow and explore more. However, ignoring the comment and taking it as casual will be a great slap on their ugly face. Coming back to the topic, if you ever did this, and now realizing your mistake and want to delete your comment on someone else’s post, don’t worry, you can also do it.

In this article, we will guide you on how to delete comments on Facebook, whether you are deleting in on your phone or laptop the procedure is almost the same. Deleting a comment isn’t difficult, but the method you use will vary depending on you’ve posted your comment. It also depends on whether you want to delete your own comment on Facebook or someone else’s comment on your Facebook post.

How to Delete Comment on Facebook

Here, we are going to take the example of the Facebook mobile app. So follow the guide and learn how to delete Facebook comment on the phone.

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and go ahead.  Make sure we are here taking the example of a Facebook app, not a Facebook Lite.

2. You don’t need to do enough, find the comment you wish to delete from your or someone else’s post. Once you’ve found the comment, select the three dots to the right of your comment, and select “Delete” from the pull-down menu.

How to Delete or Edit Someone Else’s Comment

You can only modify a comment that someone else has posted on Facebook if the comment was made on one of your posts or in a Facebook Group or page that you run.

Follow the steps to delete or edit someone else’s comment on Facebook.

Find the comment you want to delete and press down over the comment, holding your finger there until a dialog box appears. Once the box appears, tap “Delete” and your comment will be permanently deleted. If you want to edit comments, you can select edit from here as well.

How to Delete Comment on Facebook Business Page

Deleting a comment on a Facebook business page is mostly identical like delete a comment on a Facebook post.  Find the comment on your Facebook business page, move the cursor over to the top-right of the invisible box that contains the comment. You don’t have to get it exact-as soon as you’re in the right general area three dots will show up. Move the cursor over them and a menu pops up.

Here, you can select the hide, delete option. Hiding a comment can be a better option in some way. When you hide the comment, the comment will hide for everyone else except the person who posted it.  There’s no way they can know you’ve don’t hat! But if that’s not enough, you can Delete the comment, report the comment if it’s hate speech, threatening, spam, or similar, or even Ban the user, doing so will kick them out of the page and won’t let them sign up to be part of that community again.

How to Delete All Comment on Facebook

You might want to delete all comments on Facebook due to any reason; you can easily do it anytime from your Facebook app from Android, iOS. Read and learn how to do so.

1.Open the Facebook app on your phone and go to your profile, and tap on the three-dot menu. Go to Activity Log> Manage Activity and tap on the group labeled “Your Posts.”

2. Once you’ll see the list of your posts, you can choose to select all posts you want to archive or delete, and hit that option accordingly.

3. All archived or deleted posts and comments will show up as labels in Your Post Sections. You can tap those labels to see your archived or deleted posts.

Note: Facebook will keep your items in the recycle bin for 30 days in case you want to recover your deleted stuff.

If i delete a comment on Facebook can it still be seen?

No, once you’ve deleted the comment; no one can see the comment. Facebook will erase the comment and no one will be able to see it, even not they can see who posted the comment. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it again, but they will not be notified of its deletion.

Why can’t i delete a comment on Facebook?

First of all, bear in mind that you cannot delete someone else comment on someone else’s post. Apart from this, if you are trying to delete the comments in other cases, you can try the above-mentioned methods carefully.

You can even go to your activity feed and try deleting it from there (find the comment, clicks on the pencil, and delete). You will not be able to verify that it’s gone, but I know it works on posts you can see.


Deleting a comment on Facebook is easy whether you have it on your PC or mobile. However, you can even report the comment, in case, deleting the comment isn’t enough.  However, deleting or hiding comments is a great alternative to ignoring comments.


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