What is a recovery email

A recovery email is an email address that is used on daily basis for resetting the password of your gmail account/ yahoo account/ outlook account/ hotmail account/ aol account. The resetting becomes convenient when the situations like these arises:

  • password-forget
  • when you are not accessing your account
  • locked account due to some reason

Follow the easy steps below to change your recovery email address.

How to change recovery email in gmail

  1. Go to my account<recovery email
  2. Click on edit located next to email address
  3. Enter the recovery mail address and tap on done.

How to change recovery email in yahoo

Using browser

  1. Log-in to your account and go to account security page
  2. Click on email-address and tap on the edit-icon located next to the option of recovery.
  3. Fill the recovery information & click on confirm. Follow the display prompts for the new info verification.

Using phone

  1. Tap on profile icon<manage account<account info<security-setting
  2. Tap on email-address and then on the edit icon located next to recovery-option.
  3. Fill the new mail info & press on confirm. Follow the display prompts for the verification of the new information.

How to change recovery email in outlook/ Hotmail

  1. Log-in to your outlook/Hotmail account and click on the option button located at the top right corner.
  2. Select more-choices and then select change-choice under alternate email-address.

How to change recovery email in aol

  1. Log-in to your aol account & go to account security page.
  2. Select the option of add recovery email address. In case if it’s not visible to you then tap on email-address first.
  3. Do as per the on screen prompt for the verification of new information.


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