Can I recover deleted text messages iphone

Yes, you can recover deleted text messages from your iphone. You get three ways of recovering all your text messages back. Read the ways below to know more in detail.

You can use RescueData iOS app which is quiet simple and easy to use to get back all your messages in all the critical or non-critical circumstances. The other ways are by restoring your iphone or by contacting the phone provider.

Read the ways below to know more in detail:  can i recover deleted text messages iphone

Recover deleted texts from iphone using RescueData iOS app

This way recover deleted text messages iphone is quiet easy and user-friendly.

  1. Open “app store” & search for RescueData ios app.
  2. Click to “Download” & “install”.
  3. Run the app, select the storage, scan & recover.
  4. Your valuable texts will be restored at your convenience.

Other ways:

Restore iphone to iCloud backup

  1. Tap on ‘settings”, “apple id” located at the upper end f the screen.
  2. Click on “icloud”<“manage storage”<”backups”.
  3. Look for your appropriate options. And select it
  4. Reset the iphone to factory settings. Go to “general-reset”<erase all the content&setting. Select the “restore from icloud backup”<”select backup from where you can get the text back”.

**this will delete all your memories from after the backup so carefully judge whether the text is of that importance.**

If you wish to quit this way of recovery then try out RescueData.

recover deleted Chat

Call your cellphone provider

There is another way of calling your provider who keeps a record of the texts for few limited time. You should know that your iMessages are encrypted so it can not be recovered anyway from the provider. Only the sms texts can be recovered if the service provider has it and only if you can keep up with all the proves for identity.


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