What is bitlocker recovery ?

Bitlocker recovery is a procedure of recovering the access of bitlocker during when it’s impossible to unlock it in a normal way. It is a default attribute of complete encryption that is drawn in order to provide protection & security to your data. This attributes utilizes the AES Encryption algorithms in CBC/XTS modes with 128 or 256 bit key.

The options of restoration of drive is stated below

  • Using recovery password which is of 48 digits. This password can only be saved in your Microsoft account if your device is protected by bitlocker which is a non-member of domain.
  • The credential of data recovery agents can be used to recover the access of your drive. In case of operating-system drives, it needs to be plugged to https://waredot.com/rescuedata some other device for starting the process of unlocking of your drive.
  • This password can be recovered from AD DS by domain administrators or IT professionals.

What is bitlocker recovery key ?

Bitlocker recovery key is a numerical number containing 48 digits that can be utilized to recover the access to your drive. It is usually stocked in the Microsoft Account, printed, set aside as files, or is kept with firm who runs your devices.

How to get bitlocker recovery key from cmd ?
Follow the step below:
  1. Open administrator: command prompt and type the commands & press on “enter”. Replace the “C” with the bitlocker encrypted drive letter.
    manage-bde -protectors C: -get
  • Right at the end, will flourish you with your bitlocker recovery key of 48 digits. Save it for your use.

How to get bitlocker recovery key with key id ?

  1. Open the recovery wizard by looking into the safeguard management center and selecting tools and then recovery.
  2. In this page, choose bitlocker recovery key id and press on next.
  3. Click on the dots (..) to look for the id
  4. On this page, look for search name & type first few digits of your id and click “find now”
  5. Choose the desire key and press ok. Here the key information is displayed.
  6. Click on “next”. You’ll get to see your bitlocker recovery key.

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