Have you lost your data and don’t know which data recovery software is best for you? Don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you through some of the best data recovery software that you can use. There are several high-quality data recovery packages available to businesses. In the event of partial or complete data loss, these software packages enable you to recover as much data as possible and limit the negative impacts. Even if you use a data backup service, you should still have a data recovery plan in case the worst happens.

Go ahead and check out some best data recovery software below.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software

We are going to list the top 5 data recovery software, you can choose as per your choice and needs. You can check out this software from their official site as well and download it from there.

1. RescueData Software

Rescue Data Software

We have created this data recovery software and developed it under expert’s surveillance. We offer you this free data recovery software that makes you able to recover all types of files on Windows. You can either choose paid or free version as per the time duration. The great part of this software is you can recover your data in just 3 clicks and that is Select, Scan, and Recover.

When you download this software, it comes with a usage guide. This user guide will help users to know how to use this software. You can take the benefits of recovering your precious data from your one device. The software is budget-friendly and is created with the intention to help you complete. If you are using this software for the first time, you will get the benefit of unlimited restore from various devices, scanning & file preview with free support.

To download the RescueData, visit https://waredot.com/rescuedata and choose the version (free/paid) of your choice and double click on the download.

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most data recovery services for businesses and for good reason. The platform comes with several scan options, meaning you can tailor the scan for the type of data loss that has occurred. This software will also save your time if you’ve deleted an important file and realized it straight away, meaning there’s no need for a full system scan.

This software offers advanced search capabilities, easy to identify and extract the most critical data. Another essential feature of Stellar Data Recovery is its support for all file formats and drives. However, Stellar’s advanced features do come at a cost. You can also afford this app because it’s not such expensive. It has six different plans available, ranging from free to $299 per year. Most business will be well served by the standard plan, costing $49.99 per annual subscription.

If you want to download this software; you can have it direct from Flipkart.

3. Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is an excellent free data recovery program not only because of its features but also due to the very simple design, making it almost impossible to get confused. The website says. Disk Drill can recover data (up to 500 MB) from “virtually any storage device,” such as internal and external hard drives, USB devices, memory cards, and iPods.

Disk Drill works with Windows 7 and newer, and macOS 10.8.5 and newer.

4. Recuva

Recuva Software

You may recover your deleted data from your recycle bin, but if you’ve already emptied the Recycle Bin? In that case, a file recovery program like Recuva can help.

There’s a lot to like about Recuva. It comes in both installable and portable versions and It contains a simple wizard and advances options, and it supports a wide range of Windows operating systems. It runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP.

Recuva is the very best free data recovery software tool available, hands down. It’s very easy to use but has many optional advanced features as well. You can recover files from hard drives, external drives (USB drives, etc.), BD/DVD/CD discs, and memory cards. Recuva can even undelete files from your iPod!

To download Recuva software visit https://ccleaner.com/recuva/builds on your browser and choose the free/paid version as per your choice and hit download.

5. Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery software

Puran file recovery is one the best free data recovery programs we’ve seen. It’s very easy to use, will scan any drive that Windows sees, and has a lot of advanced options if you need them. As we have checked, Puran file recovery identifies more files than most other tools, so be sure to give this one a shot in addition to Recuva if it didn’t find what you were looking for. Puran File Recovery will even recover lost partitions if they haven’t been overwritten.


There you have it guys! We mentioned above the top 5 data recovery software which is free, reliable, and most easy to use software. However, there is a lot more software you can use and can be the best alternative to these programs.


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