2020 Statistics found 1 billion monthly active Instagram users. This presents that people are so much connected with Instagram, among these is also included the business users. They use Instagram for marketing and to increase the visibility of their services, products and etc. Now a day’s most people are aware of Instagram’s every feature and Instagram developing day by day. If you are an existing user then you must probably know about Instagram uses, but if you’re new to Instagram, it might be daunting to think about how you can stand out in such a large crowd. But started with Instagram is much easier than it might look.

In this article, we will teach you how to use Instagram from beginning to end. Be ready to explore the world by sitting at one corner of your house.

How to Use Instagram

If you haven’t downloaded the Instagram App so first of all download the app on your phone. You can download the Instagram app from Google Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.  When you create your account on Instagram account, the app will guide you through a few basic tips for getting up. Here are two things to take note of:

1. How to Create Your Account

The mobile app will guide you with basic steps to create your profile.

How to Create Your Account

What you need to focus on here is how to stand out in profile.  Your Instagram profile photo will be displayed as a circle. Whatever image you are using for the profile photo make sure you keep it in the center of your image.

how to stand out in profile

If you are using it for business purposes and you might want to use a business logo for a profile photo, be sure to keep it in the center of your image. Your profile image will look relatively small in the app; you might want to use a prominent logo mark, instead of a logo with text.

The app won’t prompt you to fill out your profile information but it will good to show your profile plethoric. To fill our profile information, go to your profile in the app, and click on “Edit Profile”. You can set here user name, name, your bio, your location. Bear in mind second stage of judging your profile for visitors is your

bio, so your bio should be so unique and real, exactly what you do. If you using it for business then, the two fields most required to fill out are your website and your bio. If you want to change your Instagram username (i.e. @username), you can also change it.

fill out your profile information

It’s Done! You have just set up your Instagram account!

2. Choose Following and Followers

Now you can follow friends and let follow your friend, family and more. By using the search bar appearing on the down right side of the app, you can search your friends and they can also follow you. To find someone you must know their username or Instagram handle to find them.

If you are using Instagram for business then as you are profile is new you have to start following other users to start and increase the visibility of your business.


  • Go in the search bar and type in a keyword that is relevant to your business in the search bar or search your friend with the username.
  • You can check out the suggested Instagram profiles or hashtags.
  • You should follow the profiles that are relevant to your business
  • You can also check out profiles that are recommended to you when you follow a profile.
Choose Following and Followers

Post Photos or Videos

Now when you want to post a photo or video, you just need to hit the “+” icon at the bottom. Instagram will show you the most recent photos in your photo library. You can also choose to take w new photo or video by tapping on “Photo” or “Video” respectively.

Post Photos or Videos

Few tips to select your Media

  • If you are uploading a photo direct from your library, you can upload it your photo as a portrait or landscape. Select your preferred photo and tap on the icon with two arrows in the lower-left corner of the preview. You can then move and zoom the photo to adjust how you want it to fit within the frame. Instagram also provides some filters; you can use these filters to stand out.
  • You can upload up to 10 photos and videos into a single Instagram post. Click on the icon with two overlapping squares in the lower-right corner of the preview and select your media you want to post.
  • If you want to take a video directly from the Instagram, press and hold the record button to record your video. If you want to film a few different things, point your phone camera at something else, and press the record button again to continue with the recording.

Standout in Post Visibility

Instagram provides various tools to stand out among millions. If you selected your media for your post, you can add a filter or edit its orientation, brightness, contrast, and more. These options can be found below the image or in the Edit section. When you are ready with your post, click on “Next” to go ahead.

Write a Caption: You can mention another Instagram account (i.e.@username) and add hashtags. Accounts that you mention will receive a notification about it, and your post will appear when someone searches for the hashtags you used.

Tag People: Just like Facebook you can also tag people with your photo and they will get a notification when the post will be posted successfully.

Share: You can also share your post with other social media platforms. Click on the three-dot right side of the post and you share the post on other social media. Or you can directly share your media when you post your media on Instagram you can find the option to “Share” click on it and if you have connected other social media account so that post will also be upload on another platform which is connected to your Instagram account.

Consistently Post: Whether you’re using it for personal purpose or for business but if you want to increase the visibility of your profile, you must be consistent in the post. If you’re lacking in the post consistently, your followers.

select your Media

Post Instagram Stories

More than 500 million use Instagram Stories every day, these statistics fluctuate every day. This number has been continuously rising since 2016 when Instagram first launched the Stories format.

To post your Instagram story, just swipe right on your Instagram feed. You will be brought to the camera mode where you can take a photo or video or upload a media takes in the last 24 hours. You can add stickers (including hashtag and location tag stickers), draw, and add text.

Post Instagram Stories

How to convert to a business profile:

If you have already an Instagram account and you want to use the same account for your business so you can easily do it but you should convert your personal profile to a business profile. Converting your profile to a business profile can offer you to add additional information about your business on your profile and promote your Instagram post. The best part, you get analytics for your Instagram account.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to your profile on the mobile app and click on the gear icon. Click on “Switch to Business Profile” and select the Facebook Page that you want to be associated with your Instagram account. Fill out your email address, phone number, and postal address, and click Done!


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