How to Recover Deleted Word Documents

To find and recover your deleted word documents from windows and mac, just follow the simple, easy steps below with pictures to understand it better:

For windows

1. In order to open your recycle bin on your desktop, double click on the software.

recycle bin

2. Look for your document that you want to recover. After you notice your document, right click on it.

notice your document

3. A list of options will be flourished on your screen. Select the option of restore for recovering your deleted word document.

restore for recovering your deleted word document


Recovery from trash bin

1. In the lower corner on the display, click on the trash folder to open it.

trash folder

2. Look for your deleted document and select it by right clicking on it.
3. A list of option will open on your screen, choose put back.

open on your screen

This way your deleted document will be saved back to your original location.


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