How to Recover Deleted Files

How to recover deleted files in windows

You might have been working hard on creating some files or its valuable content since days. Anything sudden that may lead to its loss or deletion may make you crazy & frustrating at the same time. But don’t worry as the file deleted by mistake or by any chance may be found in the recycle bin which can be restored easily.

If certain serious cases may be the cause of the deleted file and the files are not being able to recover easily, then try out RescueData that works magically and brings everything back to you.

Recovery from recycle bin

Before any panic just look into your recycle bin and try to find out your valuable file. Follow the steps to recover from the recycle bin.

1. Double click on the recycle bin icon on your computer or laptop.

Recovery from recycle bin

2. Look for the files that you are trying to discover and want to get it back

3. Select the file & right click on it.

Select the file & right click on it

4. Click on the restore option

 Click on the restore option

5. And there you get your file back at its original location.

Recovery using file-history

This way of recovery requires a constant backup that should be enabled.

  1. In windows 10, go to the start button
  2. Select the option of settings
  3. Select update&security
  4. Select backup then select add drive.
  5. Select location or external drives for the backups.
  6. Done.

Now enter restore files in the search space, then select restore file with file-history. Check out for the file that went missing. Select it and restore it by right clicking on it. Select the location.

In case if you do not have file backups then use rescuedata

Go to the website and install it. Once the installation is done just follow the 3 easy steps.

  1. Select the drive
  2. Scan your drive and select the specific file of your choice if you wish too.
  3. Recover your file successfully by entering the key and recover it.

How to recover deleted files mac

Recovery from trash

  1. Click on the trash icon & check out the deleted files that you want to recover.
  2. Once the file is discovered, drag it to the desktop or simply right click & select “put back option”.
Recovery from trash

Recover using undo option

Once the files are deleted, simply click on ‘edit’ & select ‘undo option”. You may even use the short cut key for undo: ‘ command+Z’.

Recover using undo option


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