How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

In windows 10 the short cut of shift and delete for deleting files can be recovered from the recycle bin easily. But fortunately the users can recover deleted files windows 10 that is removed permanently by the ways below.

Recovery from recycle bin:

At times our files get deleted by mistake. This lead our file to move to the recycle bin that allows us to recover the files when we change our minds. This recovery is usually done manually.

Follow the steps below to recover deleted files from recycle bin:

  1. Right click on recycle bin & click on open to display the deleted files.
  2. To restore the files of your choice, click on the boxes located on the left of the filenames.
  3. Now, rightclick on the files that is selected & choose restore options.

This will restore all your files back to its original folders.

Recovery of permanent deleted files from older back-ups:

Backup & recovery is a data recovery tool by Windows vista that aids in restoration of data/ files from older backups.

Follow the step below:

  1. Click the start menu then search for backup & press enter.
  2. Choose go to backup & restore (windows 7) under the heading ‘looking for an older backup.
  3. Click on next & do as according to the instructions for the recovery process.

Recovery from file history backup:

Follow the steps below for free recovering of deleted files.

  1. Click the start menu then search for restore files & press enter.
  2. Check for the files that you wish to restore. Tap on the restore symbol located on the middle of the lower screen.


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