how to recover aol password

Different ways of aol password recovery, check the ways below.

1. Using your phone-number

  • Visit aol log-in page & fill your username, click on next.
Recover Aol Password
  • Tap on I forgot my password as you have forgot aol password, on the next page click on yes, text me a verification code. (the page will show you your linked phone number)
I forgot my password
yes, text me a verification code
  • Enter & verify by filling the otp send to you mentioned number.
  • Now a page will displayed to you for setting a new password for your account. Set your favorite password and click on continue.
new password

2. Using email-address

  • Open the aol log in page & enter username, press on next.
  • Click on I forgot my password & you’ll get a verification code on the recovery mail id. Put this code on the respective page of aol and get the allowance of setting a new password. Set it and press continue.
I forgot my password

How to reset Aol password?

Check the steps for Aol password reset

1. change Aol password in desktop using web-browser:

  • Open aol sign-in page & enter your username, password to log-in
  • Click on profile name, select account security
 profile name
account security
  • Look for & select change password under the section of how you sign in
 change password
  • Enter the new password & press continue.
new password

2. Reset password in mobile phone

  • Open Aol app & go to settings
  • Select privacy dashboard listed under support section.
privacy dashboard

Re-log-in using id and press next.

  • Enter your password & press signin.
  • Prove that you aint a robot
Prove that you aint a robot
  • Press on your account, select edit account info.
your account
edit account info
  • Tap on horizontal line located at the upper end of the screen, select account security, then change password.
horizontal line
account security
change password
  • Now set your new password & tap on continue.
new password

How to select strong Aol password?

Follow the easy steps below.

  • Select an uncomplicated password
  • Done include any personal-detail for making-passwords
  • Do not utilize name that is swiftest for hacking
  • Use 10 characters or more
  • Use characters/Symbol/Lowercase/ Uppercase letter etc.
  • Use mixed characters.

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