Are you tired of repeated pop-ups on Windows 10? Don’t worry, in this article, we will walk you through how to stop pop-ups on Windows 10. The first thing you can do to stop these pop-ups, make sure you do not subscribe to anything on the Internet or following the page can also lead the pop-ups on your Windows. However, pop-ups can of different types, let’s find out the pop-ups included in this article.

How to Stop Windows 10 Pop ups

Sometimes, Windows itself will often create pop-ups to try and sell you new products, so that if you want to download their software or give you reminders. If you want to shut these down, there are a number of settings you should shut off.

How to Stop Buying Reminders

First of all, on your pc, open your File, Explorer. You can do this by opening any folder. Now, click on the View tab at the top of the Windows. Click on the Options tab, at the right of the menu bar and choose “Change Folder and Search Options.”

Now, a new Windows will opens, select the View tab. In the Advanced Settings option, make sure to uncheck on “Show Sync Provider Notifications.” Now, choose “Apply” to save your changes.

How to Stop Lock Screen Ads

If you want to stop the lock screen ads on Windows, so open the Start menu on your PC, and using a search bar, search for “Themes and Related Settings” and click it when it appears in your search results.

Now, choose “Lock Screen” from the menu on the left. Now, turn off the toggle switch that’s labeled “Get fun facts, tips and more, find it below the “Choose your Picture” options.

How to Stop Push Notification Pop-ups

If you want to disable ads in Windows 10 notifications so follow as discussed below:

First of all, open your Windows 10 PC and click on the Start button, and then select Settings. You can also use the search bar to open the Settings. Go to the search bar and type Settings and hit Enter. Now, once you’re in the Settings, click on System and then choose “Notification & Actions” in the left pane.

Under Notification & Actions, turn to Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and suggested to Off. Finally, Exit Settings.

How to Block Chrome Pop-Ups on Windows 10

If you’re using Chrome as a browser on your Windows 10, you may be tired of unwanted pop-ups. You may feel good by knowing that chrome does a great job at blocking a majority of pop-ups, but sometimes a pop-up squeaks through—or you accidentally click “Allow” instead of “Block”—and makes its way onto your screen. To explicitly block a website from showing pop-ups, you can add it to Chrome’s block list.

First of all, click on the menu icon and then click on Settings. You can also type chrome://settings/ into the Omnibox to go directly there. Now, under the Settings tab, scroll down to the bottom and then click on “Advanced.”

Now, you need to scroll to the Privacy and Security heading and you will see a “Content Settings” option, so click on it. In the list of settings, click on the “Pop-ups and Redirects” options. For a website that you’ve

accidentally added to the Allow list, you can promptly revoke its permissions to have Chrome start blocking its pop-ups again. Otherwise, you will need to add the problematic URL to the block list manually. We will take you through both cases below.

Now, under the Allow heading, find the problematic website, click More represents by three dots, and then click on “Block.” You can see that this moves the URL from the Allow list to the Blocked list. If the site isn’t listed out there or under either heading, click the “Add” button to the right of the “Block” heading.

Now, the prompt that opens, type the URL of the Website you want to block, and then click “Add.” Now, the web address and all of its subdomains are now under the “Block” list, and Chrome should handle any future pop-ups request from this site.

How to Stop Pop ups on Windows 10 on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft provides you all mostly solutions in Windows. So remember that Microsoft Edge has a built-in pop-up blocker that can be activated by following these steps:

First of all, start Microsoft Edge and tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner.

Alternatively, you can press Alt-X, to open the options menu.

Now, click on Settings and then click on “Privacy and Security,” which is the little padlock tab along the left-hand side of the bar. Now, scroll to the bottom of the Security options until you find the Security section. Then, turn on “Block pop-ups.”


Hey guys! This was the guide about how to stop pop-ups on Windows 10. We have discussed the system pop-ups and browser pop-ups here, hope you understand the steps in this article and find this article informative and helpful. If you need any help or have any doubt regarding this article, please leave your comment in the comment section.


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