How to Delete Discord Account

Discord created their text and voice chat serves as a way to bring people who loved playing games together. This app allows gamers to communicate with the same group even when they’re not playing the same game or gaming at all. Over time, Discord also serves grew to include far more than just collaborative gameplay. They now serve as message boards for various communities of games and non-gamers alike.Whether you just fed with the chat app, or you want to delete your account to make a point, it’s worth taking a look into how to delete a Discord account and the difference between disabling and deleting your account.

How to Delete Discord Account on Computer

If you are sure to delete your Discord account, first of all, make sure you transfer your server ownership or delete it. Open your Discord account and click on user settings. You can do it in a browser and or application,

1. Under Settings, you’ll see the “My Account” option. Within this menu, choose “Edit” to get to the deletion process. Scroll down if you don’t see it at first.

2. When you see “Delete Account,” you’ve found the right spot. Click the button and follow any prompts that come up, filling in your account information.

Delete your Discord Account on Computer

3. Once you confirm, your account will be starting for deletion and you won’t be able to access or recovered. Your all data will not instantly wipe off, but Discord will go through and make the deletion soon.

How to Delete Discord Server

If you want to delete a Discord server that you own or created, you’re at the right place. The process is extremely simple, and can often be completed in less than a minute.

1. Open Discord on your Mac or PC and go into the server you wish to delete. Tap the server name, located in the top-left corner of the screen. Select “Server Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Delete Discord Server

2. Now, tap Delete Server in the left sidebar. Doing so will open a pop-menu.  Enter the server name’s name exactly (it will be written at the top of the pop-up) of your six-digit authentication code, if you have enabled two-factor authorization.

How to Delete Discord Server

3. Hit “Delete Server.”  If you don’t want the server anymore, but don’t want to delete it, you can also transfer ownership or it to another user.

Delete Server

If you want to transfer your ownership-open your server settings again, choose “Members.” A list of server members will appear. Choose the person that you want to give ownership>Click three dots>Transfer Ownership.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens when you delete discord account?

What happened when you delete your account? Your all data will be wiped off from the discord, your messages will be deleted, your username renaming by Deleted User. However, Discord takes 14-30 days to complete your deletion process. If you want you can recover your account within these days.

Delete discord account immediately

You cannot delete a discord account on your own, you can only give a request. Then the Discord team will check and verify your request first and then if all things are sorted associated with your account, they will delete your account. This process maximum takes 14-30 days, within these days your account will delete. However, when you start your deletion process as we did above, your account will delete for others, but not from the Discord side. So that’s why if you want you can even restore your account as well.

How long does it take to delete a discord account?

Permanently delete your Discord account, will take 14-30 days.  You can also recover your account during these days.

If I delete my discord account can I reuse the email?

Unfortunately, Discord only allows one user account per email – which shot down than plan pretty quick. You’ll need to use another email address.

How to delete discord app

If you want to delete the Discord app, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features.
  2. Look for Discord, click Delete and confirm the deletion.

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