How to Delete Channels on Roku

Roku helps to find and choose the perfect channel that fits your interest perfectly, but you cannot be the same always. Your taste will change over time and you’ll look for the better channels ahead. Should you decide to delete a channel from your account, you can do it very easily. Roku allows you to manage and remove channels from different platforms, you can delete a channel via the app even if you are physically away. In this article, we will explain to you the how-to delete channels on Roku in different ways.

How to Delete Channels on Roku

The process for deleting channels on Roku is similar, whether you have a Roku Express, a Roku Ultra, or anything in-between.  You need to start the process from the Roku Home screen.  From the home screen, simply scroll over to the channel that you want to remove. If its right on top of your home screen, bear in mind that you don’t have to delete it to get it out of your way. You could simply move the channel down instead, along with the rest of your less-frequently-used apps.

1. Whether you want to move or delete it, though, you’ll need to highlight it first. Now put the offending app squarely in your sights, and then hit the options button. When you press the options button, a channel menu will appear. That’s the button near the top of the remote with the asterisk (*) logo on it.

How to Delete Channels on Roku

2. After you hit the options button, select the channel and the options will come up “Remove Channel.” Simply highlight that option with your remote, then click the confirm button. Again, if you decide that you’d rather move the channel instead, you can also do that here; just click “Move” instead of “Remove.”

How to Delete Channels on Roku

3. You’ll get a confirmation that you’re sure you want to remove the channel. Just hit “Remove” one more time to confirm the deletion. The app will disappear from your home screen, and your app selection will be a little bit cleaner and more streamlined than before.

How to Delete Channels on Roku

Repeat the same procedure if you want to clear other channels on your Roku.

How to Remove a Channel from the Channel Store

If you want to remove a channel directly from the store, you should:

  1. Hit the “Home” button on your remote and choose “Streaming Channels” to open the store window.
  2. Find the channel that you want to remove and press “OK” on the remote. Choose “Remove Channel” and confirm the removal by pressing “OK.”
How to Remove a Channel from the Channel Store

How to Rearrange Channels on Roku

If you have the bulk of channels on Roku, you should organize them. Thankfully, it’s very easy to move channels around on the home screen, and you can put them in any order you like. Here’s how to rearrange channels on Roku.

Note: You’ll need to use your Remote to navigate to the channel that you want to move.

Press the asterisk button. The details pop-up window should appear. Choose “Move Channel.” You should see arrows appear around the icon. Using the arrow button on the remote, move the channel icon around the screen until you position it where you want it to be. When you’re done, press “OK” on the remote to save the position.

How to Rearrange Channels on Roku

Now, just repeat that process for each streaming channel app that you wish to move around your screen. If you don’t want to see an app appear on your home screen, you can also select “Remove Channel” from the details pop-up.

How to Remove Roku from TV

If you’re using a Roku Smart TV, you obviously cannot jailbreak it, remove the Roku OS, and then do as you please with it. But, you cannot do this will every TV such as if you are using any regular TV that has no smart features.  But still, TCL TVs allow you to do this. Here’s how to remove Roku from TV.

1. You’ll need to perform a factory reset on a TCL Roku TV if you’ve previously activated and configured the Roku functionality.

2. Go to main screen by pressing the Home button on your remote, and then System. Choose the advances system setting, and then factory reset.

How to Remove Roku from TV

3. Select the Factory reset everything option and you’ll be asked to enter the code. Enter the code displayed on the screen to finish.

How to Remove Roku from TV

Frequently Asked Question

How to Hide Channels on Roku TV

Roku doesn’t allow its users to hide or lock channels. You can remove something is the only option if you want them to disappear from your list.  However, you can even move and customize your channels list on Roku TV.

How to Delete Multiple Channels on Roku

If you want to delete multiple channels on Roku, you need to hit the “Remove” button and then repeat the procedure to delete multiple channels on Roku. If you don’t know how to find the hit option, make sure you have cover the above article that labeled “how to delete channel on Roku.”

Roku TV Antenna Remove Channels

If you want to remove channels from Roku TV Antenna, make sure you follow the steps.

First, turn on your Roku TV. You will find a home button on the Roku TV’s screen, tap on it. Navigate to the settings option and choose the TV inputs button. Scroll the screen until you find the Antenna TV option.

Choose the Antenna TV option and go to the Edit Channels option. Now tap the “Delete” option and select the OK button to confirm the operation.

Now the channel will be removed from the antenna TV.


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