How to Delete Cash App Account

It depends on you always use the app or delete the app and this is totally right. If you are using the Cash App account for so long but now you want to delete the cash app account doesn’t matter the reason. No problem, the cash app allows you to use Cash App in your own way or as you feel it fits with your needs and usage. You can easily delete a Cash app account from your phone or using the web. There are officially two ways you can use to delete a Cash app . We will guide you on both ways on “how to delete cash app account”. Read on:

Things you must do before deleting your Cash App account

You should always bear in mind these numbers of points while deleting your account. These points are:

  • Remember that you won’t have the ability to gain access to your payment history once you delete or restarting your Cash App, So make sure to download the payment history before deleting your account.
  • Make sure to solve or end any pending deposit payment or dispute. This whole means that you should clear your account of any funds.
  • You need to cancel your Cash App subscription and then stop any upcoming month billing until you liquidate your cash app account.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Official Website

This can be the best, easy, and secure method to delete your cash app account. This step-by-step guide can help you to do so:

1. Visit the Cash App official website and log in if you are not already logged in. At the top of with other options you can find the sign-in option; click on it. You can log in using your email address along with your phone number (make sure to use the one that you used to start your Cash app account).

How to Delete Cash App Account from Official Website

2. When you are able to see the dashboard, a request sign-in code will appear on your page. Click on it, and a code will be sent to you either on your email or SMS, depending on the information you provides when you started your account.  Enter the code and click on Sign in and confirm your identity.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Official Website

4. When you are in; open you’re Account and Setting and go to the Personal Information tab. You should then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Deactivate Account.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Official Website

5. You’ll be directed to the page where need to give the reason for deleting your account. Just choose your suitable reason and then click Continue. Make sure you fill in the right details and check the message contains your full name, phone number, and email address.

6. Once you submit your request, the customer support team will then get in touch with you regarding this. They will confirm with you and confirm if the deletion of your Cash App account was successful or request additional information where applicable to enable your account’s deactivation.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Mobile

Yes, you can delete your cash app account from the mobile app and this is so easy. Read on:

1. Open the Cash app on your phone and then click on the circular icon resembling a person in the upper left corner to display the Account Menu.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Mobile

Note: Make sure that you have cleared all your funds from the cash app account.

2. Scroll down on the account menu and hit “Cash Support”. Scroll down and select the “Something Else” menu. On the “Something Else,” menu scroll down and click on “Account setting.”

How to Delete Cash App Account from Mobile

3. Next, you need to select “Close my Cash App Account.” This will confirm that you want to deactivate your Cash App account. You’ll be signed out of the cash app, and a delete confirmation will be sent to you via your email address or through SMS.

How to Delete Cash App Account from Mobile


That’s it. This was easy enough for “deleting cash app account” from the official website or over your phone as well. Hope you understand it better and you can delete the Cash App account by following the above-mentioned processes, and you’ll be good to go.


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