How to Delete Calendar Events

The iPhone’s calendar app has been a nerve of the smartphone since its inception.  This calendar apps makes you able to remind yourself of daily events and has made daily life management much more convenient as the pre-installed app reminds you of events, birthdays, and holidays that you could otherwise easily forget.  iPhone’s calendars app has great features is that you can add periodic events-you don’t have to go in and manually block out each birthday or anniversary every single year, you need to just put it in once, set it in to recur annually, and fix a reminder if you are worried you’ll forget.

However, delete the calendar events on your iPhone. The best part of this article is; we will teach you in this article “how to delete calendar events” from your iPhone and much more about the calendar app on your phone. Let’s begin this article and follow the steps to go ahead.

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone or iPad

Whether you use an iPhone or iPad, you can follow these steps to delete the calendar on an iPhone or iPad. Because deleting calendar events on the iPhone or iPad is almost the same. Whether you want to delete the calendar events on iPhone 11 or an older one, except for the features’ interface, nothing is different. You can apply these steps on your Phone’s any version.

1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone. Find the events that you want to delete. You can find your event in two ways:

  • Click on the data when the events take place. 2. You can use the search bar function at the top right of the screen to find the event name.
How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone or iPad

2. On the event page, click “Delete Event” at the bottom.  If it is a recurring event, you’ll see a pop-up window appear to confirm whether you want to delete the entire series or one single occurrence.

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone or iPad
  • 1. Click “Delete All Future Events” if you want to delete all future occurrences.
  • 2. Click “Delete This Event Only” in case you want to delete only this instance of the event, and still want to future occurrence to appear on your calendar.
How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone or iPad

3. Click either option or you’ll see that your event has been deleted now.

How to Delete Subscribed Calendar Events on iPhone

Through the iPhone Settings, you can easily delete subscribed calendar events on your iPhone. Sometimes it may not possible to delete the subscribed calendar events through the above method. In case it happens, you can try this method as an alternative. Let’s see “how to delete subscribed calendar events on the iPhone.”

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords.”
  2. Tap on it and choose “Subscribed Calendar” under accounts.
  3. Select the Calendar you want to remove. Then, scroll down and choose “Delete Account.”
How to Delete Subscribed Calendar Events on iPhone

How to Delete Spam Calendar Events on iPhone

Delete spam calendar evens on your iPhone if you’re getting unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone. Here’ what you need to do:

1. Report a Spam or Suspicious Calendar Invite

Open the invitation in the calendar app and click “Report Junk”, then tap delete and Report Junk.

If you don’t see the Report Junk option, scroll down and click Calendar to see which calendar invites were sent to. After then you can hide that calendar to remove it from view.

How to Delete Spam Calendar Events on iPhone

2. Hide Calendar

If the above method won’t work in the case of spam calendar events, you can just hide the calendar from your iPhone to stop suspicious calendar evens invites. To hide the calendar, open the calendar app, and click on Calendars. Click the calendar account that you wish to hide so that the checkmark disappears. 

Note: You can tap Hide All to hide all calendars in an account list.

Why Can’t I Delete Calendar from My iPhone Calendar?

If you cannot delete the calendar from your iPhone calendar it may due to any reason, virus, iCloud issue and etc. Fortunately, we can fix this issue as well. If you’re trying to delete the stubborn calendar events on your iPhone but there is no Delete option or the respective event does not disappear no matter what you do, you can use this troubleshooting guide to solve the problem.

What you need to do “if calendar events won’t delete on iPhone”

Sometimes, the events on your Phone’s iCloud calendar may fail to sync. This often happens with recurring events imported from Outlook.

Turn off your iCloud sharing for all your calendars. This should delete all the calendar data and events from your iPhone. Then, enable iCloud sharing and the problematic events should be gone now.

Note:  You can use this method to disable event syncing with any third-party calendar tools.

Remove the Sender’s Email Account

If the calendar event you’re trying to delete was sent by an unknown sender, you should delete the sender’s email account from your iOS device, and adding it again should automatically remove all those button iPhone calendar events connected to the respective email address.

How to Delete Calendar Events from Google Calendar

Google Calendar offers you many easy-to-use features to make event scheduling and management easy. One of the features is deleting the calendar. You can easily delete calendar events from Google calendar in a couple of clicks. Here’s how.

Open your Google Calendar from On the calendar page, click on the event on your calendar and click the trash can icon in the menu that appears.

Your event will be removed and a confirmation message will be displayed at the bottom of the browser window. You could also click “undo” to revert changes.

In case, you’re deleting a recurring event, you’ll be prompted to delete all events in series or a single event. You can choose to delete all of the events or the single occurrence you have selected.

How to Delete Calendar Events from Google Calendar


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