How to Delete Bookmarks

Bookmark is a system that web browsers such as chrome to use to make it easier to find specific pages. Instead of writing down a long universal resource locator (URL) or searching for a page every time, you can click a single button in chrome to bookmark any web page for access later. If you stored too many bookmarks, and not able to manage them, you can organize them into a folder or delete one you don’t use frequently.

However, Chrome bookmarks are easy to create, either intentionally or accidentally. It’s a good idea to remove bookmarks.

How to Delete Chrome bookmark

In this article we will teach “how to delete chrome bookmark” whether you use an Android or iOS device, doesn’t matter because we are going to cover all the devices. Read on.

1. Open the Chrome web browser on your computer and find the web page you want to remove from your bookmarks.

2. When the page opens, click or press the solid start at the right end of the URL bar.  Click Remove in the drop-down menu to delete the bookmark to the web page.

Note: Make sure that the Star icon should be bold; it confirms that the page is bookmarked. Otherwise, if Star is hallow instead of bold, the page isn’t bookmarked. In that case, clicking the star bookmarks the web page.

How to Delete All Bookmarks on Android

Read and learn how to delete all bookmarks on Android easily.

Open the Chrome app on your mobile device. Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom to open a menu. Tap Bookmarks in the menu. If you have multiple folders, tap a folder to open it and display the bookmarks it contains.

If you want to delete a single bookmark; swipe to the left on it and select Delete. If you want to delete multiple bookmarks at once, tap Edit and tap each one you want to delete.

How to Delete Chrome Bookmark on iPhone or iPad

You can easily “delete chrome bookmark on iPhone” using safari.  The safari browser built into your iPhone works much like any web browser on a desktop or PC.  Fortunately, the safari also saved the chrome bookmarks as the computer does. Let’s read and learn how to delete chrome bookmark on safari.

1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone. Tap the Bookmark button at the bottom of the screen, which looks like an open book. 

2. On the Bookmark page, you’ll see a list of the entire saved bookmark on the first tab (be sure the Bookmark tap is selected at the top of the screen).

Note: If you’ve organized some of your bookmarks into a folder, you can tell the difference between bookmarks and folders by the icon to the left of the name.

Next, you’ll have more than one option you can choose such as;

3. If you want to delete a bookmark that’s inside a folder, tap the folder to see its contents, and then tap ‘Edit.” Otherwise, just tap “Edit.”  When the Bookmarks page enters edit mode, you have a few options available.

4. Lastly, tap the red delete icon on the left side of the screen and then confirm you want to delete the bookmark by tapping “Delete.”

Note:  Whether you use iPhone or iPad using Safari browser, deleting chrome bookmark is mostly the same. You can apply the above instructions to delete the chrome bookmark on the iPad as well.

How to Delete Bookmark on Mac

There are three browsers you can use on your Mac, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and two of it also compatible with Android one. Read on and learn how to delete a bookmark on Mac.

1. Open the Mac and visit the Firefox browser. Open the Bookmark sidebar and click the clipboard button next to the bookmark and choose “View Bookmark Sidebar.”

2. Scroll the categories to see your bookmarks or search for specific bookmarks using the search box.  Once you’ve found the bookmark you wish to delete right-click on a bookmark and select “Delete” to remove it. The bookmark will be deleted immediately.

3. You can right-click bookmarks from any location, including the bookmarks menu, the bookmark bar, or any other place you may find your bookmarks.

Open the Library to manage your bookmarks.

How to Delete Chrome Bookmark on Chromebook

One of the bonuses of sticking to the Chrome browser is the ability to take your bookmarks with you when you sign into your Google account on any device. But sometimes you hate all of those following you around, and deleting unnecessary ones can help create a more seamless and clean browsing experience.  So if you want to delete or edit bookmark-here how to get it done on a Chromebook computer.

Open your Chrome browser and locate the bookmark that you want to delete (it will be on be under the search function on the top of your screen), right-click on the bookmark and select “Delete.”

That’s it.


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