How To Delete YouTube Channel

If you no longer want to access your own YouTube channel to create your stuff like videos, vlogs, and other things you do on your own YouTube channel, so it’s a good idea to delete your YouTube channel. But there might be any other reason due to which you want to delete your YouTube channel such as, some error in YouTube, planning to start a new channel, or it might be something else as well. But for sure, if you just want to delete your YouTube channel you can do it on your own.

We would like to tell you something that after deleting your own YouTube channel; you can still access a lot of things on YouTube as you can still like videos; you can still watch every video on other channels, subscribe, comment, and a lot of other things. This is because YouTube associated with a Google account, so as long as you keep using YouTube through a Google account, it doesn’t matter whether you have a channel or not.

Now, when you discuss a lot of things about YouTube, time to go ahead over “how to delete YouTube channel”.

Visit YouTube and Sign into YouTube Channel

You can visit YouTube on your phone or on the web as well. You can open the YouTube app on your phone or visit  Once you logged in if you haven’t already signed into your own channel, sign in to your YouTube channel first. To sign in, find the option that says “Sign in” at the top right corner and log in to your account you wish to delete the account.

Sign into YouTube Channel

Access YouTube Setting> Advanced Setting

Once you are logged in, access a user panel in the same top-right corner where you signed in. Towards the bottom of this user panel, choose the option for the setting.  Under the setting, you can find a variety of options on the left side. From here, you’d select “Advanced Settings.”

YouTube Setting> Advanced Setting

Note:  If you want to create a new YouTube channel, so this can be also done without deleting your existing YouTube channel.  You can run multiple YouTube channels on the same account, and when you want to access one of your YouTube channels; you just need to access the setting for the right one>click Switch account from the drop-down and choose the channel you want to access.

Hit “Delete Channel”

Now, go to the bottom of the advanced setting is a button that says “Delete Channel.”  Now select this button will prompt you a re-verification of your login information.

Delete YoUTubE Channel

Note: Deleting your YouTube channel will not delete the Google Account associated with your YouTube.  

Choose Hide or Delete

On the following page, you’ll have two option; you can choose one at a time:

  • I want to hide my content           
  • I want to permanently delete my content
How To ReMovE YouTubE ConteNT

I want to hide my content

If you choose “I want to hide my content”, it means that all of your channel content like videos, playlist, and all other things, however your channel page, name, subscriptions, likes, art and icon, likes will remain unhidden. If you want to prefer to go with this option, choose “I want to hide my content”, check the boxes to confirm, and then select the “blue hide my content button.”

I want to permanently delete my content

The second option, if you want to permanently delete your YouTube channel and all of its data, then select “I want to permanently delete my content”. Check the boxes to confirm you understand and choose the blue delete my content button.

delete my content

Note: You need to confirm one last time that you want to really delete your YouTube channel. To do so, type your channel name into the given field before clicking Delete My Content. Remember that once you’ve clicked this, it cannot be undone.

Congratulation! Your YouTube channel has been deleted

Congrats, you have successfully deleted your YouTube account! As we said, you can still access YouTube, watch videos and have fun.


We have guided the best and easy step to delete your YouTube channel, hope you well understood it and have successfully deleted your YouTube channel. Let us know in the comment section if you have any query; we will definitely try to resolve.


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