How to Delete Textnow Account

If you are using a Textnow account for a long time but now you want to delete your Textnow account; you should make sure that deleting a text now account is not enough if you are a premium user. If you have a premium Textnow account, your Textnow accounts will be still active and you may have to bear the fees. In this guide, we will explain how to delete Textnow account permanently.

How to Delete Textnow Account

If you have a free Textnow account, then you can easily remove the Textnow account. In actual you don’t need to delete your account from the app if you are using a free account. Let me tell you what is it?

  • There does not delete the account by request. To remove your Textnow account, you’ll need to remove the app and make sure you don’t use it again or reactivate your account. If you sign out of your free TextNow account the account will go dormant after 3 days of activity.

Note: To delete the app on your phone, just tap and hold on the app and once it jiggles, click on the X button and then hit delete.

If you have a premium TextNow account, it will a little bit more complicate to delete TextNow account.

Make sure you cancel the premium subscription before removing your TextNow account. If you remove the account app without canceling your TextNow subscription, you may still be charged.

To cancel your Textnow subscription, you must first open the TextNow app.

unsubscribe to Premium Plan
  • Now go to the Account Balance section of the TextNow main menu. Now choose the Manage Subscription option from the menu. From here, you can unsubscribe to Premium Plan.
  • Once you have unsubscribed, you can delete the TextNow app. Once you delete the app, your phone number will release in a week, just as it would be if you were using a free plan.

Deleting the Textnow account is easy but still, if you have any query or having any issue regarding deleting your account or canceling a premium plan, you can visit official website. You can also get the TextNow customer service contact options in the Support sections at of the Textnow website.

How to Remove Email from TextNow Account

If you want to remove email from your Textnow account or you want to change your personal details such as name, address, email address, you can update, change or remove your details. It is a 3 steps process you need to follow to do so.

1. First of all, open the Textnow app on your phone or visit on your browser you use usually. Log in to your account, if needed.

2. Now click on My Account in the top-hand corner. Tap on Setting and then tap on Personal Info.

My Account

3. Now here you can see all your details in the app, you can change your name, last name, email address. You can also resend an email verification to verify your email address with TextNow.

verify your email address with TextNow

How to Delete Messages on Textnow

Textnow provides a great built-in feature in its conversation page to help you manage your conversation and call logs. Your Textnow app should open by default to the Conversation page, and you can also get there by tapping on the main menu button in Textnow and then tapping on Conversations.

How to Delete Messages on Textnow

1. If you want to delete a single message or messages from a conversation, you can do it easily. Just Tap and hold on the individual message or messages you’d like to delete, and then tap on the garbage-can icon at the top of the screen to delete the messages.

2. If you want to delete the complete conversation, Tap and Hold on the conversation you’d like to delete from the conversation page, and then tap on the garbage-can icon.

delete the complete conversation

3. Swipe on the conversation you wish to delete and then tap on the red garbage-can icon. A prompt will appear to confirm you that you really want to delete your conversation, tap delete.

delete your conversation

Note: If you delete a conversation; it will delete all your messages in that conversation permanently.

That’s it.

How to Delete Text Free Account

If you want to delete Text Free account, it is easy to do tasks with the Text Free app. You can easily deactivate your account through the TextFree app. Make sure you follow the steps clearly.

1. Open the TextFree app on your phone and log in to your account, if you’re not already logged in.

2. Now tap on Settings. Tap ‘Get Help’ or ‘Support’. Now you’ll find the option that says ‘Continue to Close Account’.

How to Delete Text Free Account

3. You’ll be asked to select the reason for leaving text free account. Once you enter the reason, tap on the red ‘Close Account’ to complete the closing of your account.

How to Delete TextPlus Account

You cannot delete a textPlus account on your own or from the app. To delete your TextPlus account, you’ll need to contact textPlus customer support to request a cancellation because you cannot delete your account yourself.  Once you’ve done that, it will take some time to analyze your account and then they will delete your account.

Go ahead and learn how to delete the Textnow account quickly.

Open the mail and compose a new email. Now you will address a new email to  In your email, provide your textPlus username and request account deletion. TextPlus will delete your account as soon as they receiver your email. Note: You will get a confirmation through mail once your account gets deleted.


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