How to Delete Saved Passwords

If you are selling your device, exchanging your devices may be in the offices, whatever the circumstances are, but it must when you are doing it; you delete saved password. Whether on Android Phone, iOS, PC, Mac, whenever you are giving your device to anyone make sure to prevent your passwords from wrong hands. Here’s you can learn how to delete saved passwords

There can be a lot of platforms where you saved your password or get saved by default; hopefully, we try to complete all those platforms. In case, if something missed or you want anything on this topic, make sure you leave your query in the comment section below.

How to Delete Saved Password on Google Account

1. To delete saved password on Chrome, visit and log into your Google account. Once you logged in, tap the option that says “Security” in the sidebar on the left.

How to Delete Saved Password on Google Account

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the main screen. In the signing into other sites section, tap “Password Manager.”

Password Manager

Find the site that you want to delete the saved passwords for, and tap on it. You may need to enter your Google account password to confirm that it’s you.

Google account password

Underneath the username and password combo you want Google to forget, tap “Delete.” Tap “Delete” again on the pop-up warning to finish deleting the password. Return to the password management screen and repeat the previous steps for any other passwords you want to delete.

How to Delete Saved Password iPhone or iPad

On iPhone, all your saved login info gets saved in iCloud Keychain for a seamless autofill experience on all Apple Devices. Follow the steps to remove saved passwords from the iPhone.

1. First of all, open the Settings app on the iPhone. Scroll down to the Password menu and then authenticate yourself using the password or Face ID.

How to Delete Saved Password iPhone or iPad

2. You can use the search bar to find the item you are looking for at the top. Tap on the website name and choose Delete Password from the following options:

Delete Password

You can also long-press on the website name, and it will open the pop-up menu to offer the delete option.

How to Delete Saved Password on Mac

As I already mentioned that when you enter a password into Safari, and your Mac offers to save it. It will be saving it to an app called Keychain access. This is useful if you don’t want to remember every password you have.

But if you have saved a bulk of password and you want to delete some of your passwords, you can do so. Let’s learn how to delete saved passwords on Mac.

Note: Once you delete your password, it can’t be recovered save it again, you’ll need to log in with it the same way you did when you first saved it.

1. Open Keychain Access on your Mac. You can find it on your Launchpad. In the pop-up window that appears, you can find all of your saved passwords. You can tap the categories in the left panel to filter the results by password type and other criteria. If you cannot find a password here, it means that it’s either not saved, or you saved it to another password manager.

how to delete saved passwords on Mac

2. When you find the password you want to delete, right-click on it. Choose the “Delete” option. You can also choose multiple items by holding down the command key as you tap, and then right-click to delete them all. You can use the Command + A function to select all of your passwords at once.

find the password you want to delete

3. Bear in mind, you can delete here specific details of a password. Double-tap on a password to open a smaller pop-up for the site you’d like to change.  Tap the empty check box next to “Show password.”  Doing so will ask you to enter the computer password that you use to open your PC or Mac as an extra security measure.

Show password

4. Once you enter the password, you will be able to view the password. can now delete it or change it to something else by tapping in the box. You won’t be able to tap “Save Changes” until a change has been made. You also cannot leave the box empty.

5. At last, you can now delete a particular application associated with the password. Tap the second tab at the top to go to “Access Control.” Highlight the application you want to delete and tap the minus (-) sign. This will remove it.

How to Delete Saved Passwords on Safari

1. To delete the saved password on Safari, open the Safari browser on Mac or iPhone. Tap on the Safari title in the menu and go to Preferences.

How to Delete Saved Passwords on Safari

2. Go to the Password menu. You will be asked to authenticate yourself by entering your password or Touch ID.  Once you enter the password, you will see the list of saved login info for various websites. Choose the websites that you no longer use or need.

Password menu

3. Choose the Remove button and confirm that you really want to delete your saved passwords.

delete your saved passwords

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How to Delete Saved Passwords on Firefox

Learn how to delete saved passwords on Firefox below.

1. Open Firefox on your PC or Mac and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tap “Preferences” or “Options” and then choose “Privacy & Security” on the left side of the page that opens.

2. Scroll down and you will find the “Login and Passwords” area.  Tap on “Saved Logins to launch a new menu with all your passwords.

Login and Passwords

3. Choose the info you want to remove the password by tapping on it from the list on the left side of your screen. The information for that login will then appear on the right.

remove the password

4. Hit “Remove” and confirm again by tapping again “Remove.” You will see that information will then be deleted.



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