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In this article, we will guide you on how to delete PlayStation account and a lot more about the PlayStation account uses such as how to close the PSN account, how you can add a new user on PS4. Whatever the reason for removing a user account off your PlayStation 4, the process is straightforward and should only take two minutes. Read on.

How to Delete PlayStation 4 User Account

Here what you need to do to close your PS4 account, follow the steps.

1. Sign into the primary account on your PS4 console. Scroll up to the Function area, which is a long row of different icons, just above your games and applications. 2. Scroll to the right and select “Settings”. The settings icon looks like a silhouette of a toolbox. Under settings, choose the “Parental Control/Family Management” tab. Click on Family management. Select the user you want to delete from under the “Family Members” heading.

How to Delete PlayStation 4 User Account

3. Select “Delete User Profile” and then follow the prompts to confirm your choice.

That’s it. The PS4 will forget that the user account ever existed.

How to Close PSN Account

You can actually close your account with PlayStation. Here’s what you need to do. Head to of the PlayStation support site. You’ll need the following info:

  • Sign-in ID (email address)
  • Online ID

Follow the link; you will reach the customer support page. Here you can request to delete your PS4 account with your online details.  On the following page, scroll down on the next page and select Live Chat Now. Fill in your information including your name, the email associated with the account, and PSN ID. Choose Request Chat. You will be redirected to a waiting room before you can chat with an agent.

Choose Request Chat

Explain your wish to close your account. You’ll need to provide your sign-in email address as well as your online ID when requested.

How to Close PSN Account

Wait for the account to be permanently deleted by Sony.

Note: Permanent deletion will mean you lose access to any credit still on your account. All content purchases, and any subscription you may have.

How to Deactivate PSN Account

It’s easy to deactivate the PS4 from the console. Using the controller, choose “Settings,” select “Account Management,” and then choose “Activate as Your Primary PS4.” Select Deactivate and confirm your decision.

How to Deactivate Your Primary PS4 from the Sony Website

But if you didn’t have a chance to do this while you still had the PS4, and no longer have access to it, don’t worry you can still deactivate the PS4 using the Sony website. Sony allows you to deactivate consoles from the web sites once every six months. 1. On a computer, open the PlayStation Network sign-in page in a web browser and sign in using your account information. In the navigation pane on the left, click “Device Management.”

Deactivate Your Primary PS4

2. Click “PlayStation Systems (Games).” Click “Deactivate All Devices” and then confirm the decision.

Deactivate All Devices

How to Add an Account on a PS4

If you want to add a new user to your PS4, here’s what you need to do. Read on.

1. First of all, turn on your PS4. When you see the login screen, use the controller to select “New User.”

Add an Account on a PS4

2. Select “Create a User.” Make sure you do not choose “Play as a Guest”- this is a temporary account that gets deleted when it logs out.

Play as a Guest

3. Select “New to PlayStation Network?  Create an account” Then follow the instructions to enter your personal information, including your location email and password, and online ID, as well as select privacy settings and agree to the terms of service.

 Create an account

4. You may be asked to sign up for PlayStation Plus. If you don’t want it, select “Skip.” Select “Activate” to make this console your primary PS4. You can now log in automatically when you turn on your PS4.

5. If you want, you can also create your PSN account using a web browser. To do that, open the My PlayStation website in a browser and choose “Create Account.” After you create your account, you can use the same credentials to log in on your PS4.


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