How to Delete Instagram Page

Today we share a lot of information with social media networks. As the Facebook scandal has taught us, sometimes a bit too much information. At sometimes to protect yourself or your privacy, you might find deleting yourself from social networks is the easiest solution.  However, there might be any reason for deleting your social media account. In this article, we will teach you how you can delete Instagram page whether you have a personal account or account for business such as the business page. 

How to Delete Instagram Business Account

Once you’ve made your mind to delete your Instagram account forever, so you need to permanently delete account. Follow the process:

1. Login Instagram account on your browser by visiting

2. Visit the link and go to the “Delete your Account” page.

How to Delete Instagram Business Account

3. From the drop-down menu, select the reason for deleting your account page. Now, Instagram will ask you to confirm you really want to delete your account by re-entering a password. Finally, click on the “Permanently delete my account” tab, and your profile will be deleted now.

deleting your account page

Note: Deleting an Instagram account whether it is a business account or personal account; the procedure is most probably the same.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

If you are not sure about permanently deleting your account, you can deactivate your Instagram account rather than deleting your account.  Once you are sure or want to re-activate your account you can re-activate your account by entering a password.

1. Log into your Instagram account just like if you were to delete your Instagram account, you aren’t able to disable your account from the Instagram phone app. So you’ll need to log in to on desktop or the desktop browser on your mobile device.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

2. Once you are logged in; go on the profile page. On the profile section of the page, navigate to the “Edit Profile” section at the top of the page. From here, click on the link “Temporarily Disable My Account” at the bottom of the page.

Temporarily Disable My Account

3. Instagram will ask you to enter the reason for disabling your account on “Why are you disabling your account?

disabling your account

4. Once you choose the option for deactivating your account, you’ll be prompted to re-enter your password to ensure. As soon as you will re-enter the password; the option to temporarily disable your Instagram account will appear. Hit the button that says “Temporarily Disable Account” and your profile, along with your content and followers will be hidden until you decide to reactivate it by logging back in again.

How to Remove Account on Instagram

Having multiple faces is no so uncommon in the digital world because the same face cannot be lead to success. As like, if you have multiple accounts and you are using that account actively on Instagram so this is completely normal, but using it in the wrong way will be not right and you may have to face a lot of problems because of this.

However, if you have multiple accounts and now you want to remove one of your profiles from Instagram for security reasons, or due to any other reason, no problem. You can remove an account on Instagram easily. Here’s is some needful steps you should follow to do so:

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android. Click on your profile picture in the bottom-right corner.

2. Click the down arrow next to your Instagram username at the top of the screen. Select the account that you want to remove from the drop-down list.

How to Remove Account on Instagram

3. Click the menu icon (three lines) in the top-right corner. Select “Settings,” or the gear icon, from the menu.

Remove Account on Instagram

4. Next, click the blue “Log Out” text at the bottom of the screen. Click the blue “Log Out” button in the pop-up window to confirm your choice. In this window, you can also log out of your other Instagram accounts as well. Just tap the circle to the right of the account name- a blue checkmark should appear in the circle if you’ve selected the account.

Instagram accounts

Here, you can see that accounts will no longer show up alongside your other Instagram accounts.

Wrapping up

Here we have this guide, guys. If you set up your mind to step out of the Instagram world, these are all the steps you need to follow to take care of business.


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