How to Delete Instacart Account

If you are using Instacart for a long time but now it’s not worth making for you or due to any other reason you want to quit, you can do so. In this article, we will guide you on how to delete Instacart account. However, it won’t go so easy to cancel your Instacart account, make sure you follow the steps to successfully delete your Instacart account.

One thing you should always remember that if you a free account then you can delete your account without any prior activity, but if you have an Instacart Express Membership plan, or any subscribed plan of Instacart, make sure you first cancel Instacart express Membership plan, and then you delete your account.

How to Cancel Instacart Account

Visit on your web browser on Mac or PC. Now sign in to your account, if you’re not already logged into your account. To log in, tap the Log In button at the top-right corner of the screen and use your username and password to log in to your account.

Note: If you cancel your Instacart Express membership within the first 15 days of your subscription and you haven’t place any orders during this time, you’ll receive a refund for the membership fee.

1. Once you logged in to your account, tap Account.  Doing so will open menu sections. Tap Instacart Express.

How to Cancel Instacart Account

2. Once you tap on Instacart Express, the membership page will open. Tap End Membership next to Membership Plan. New options will appear now. Tap Continue to cancel. You will see a confirmation message, tap End to confirm.

Tap Continue to cancel

3. Your cancellation will be processed at the end of this billing cycle. You can still use Instacart Express through the last day of the cycle.

How to Delete Instacart Account

The above you canceled your Instacart subscription and now you will learn how you can delete your Instacart account. Bear in mind that you cannot delete your Instacart account, you’ll request an account deletion request to Instacart and then they will process your request and close your account.

Note: Free user direct delete their Instacart account.

1. To send an account deletion request, you can request its deletion by contacting Instacart support via email. Compose an email message to, type customer support into the subject line.

2. Make sure to mention your full name, phone numbers, and email address you use to access Instacart. Now explain your issue or type the message requesting your account be deleted. For Example: “Kindly delete my Instacart account from your system, thank you!”

3. Send the mail to the customer support. Now once your account will get deleted, you will get an email confirmation that your account has been deleted.

How to Change Store on Instacart App

You can shop from multiple stores with Instacart when placing an order. You’ll have separate carts for each store and can switch between stores while you’re shopping to find and add items. If you want to switch between stores on the Instacart app while shopping, you can follow the steps:

1. Open the Instacart app on your Android or iOS device and make sure you log in to it. Now tap the store name at the top of the screen to see a list of available stores for your location.

2. Tap the store name for the store you’d like to shop. You will arrive at the store’s landing page. Now you can browse, search, and add items to your cart. That’s it.

Instacart account deactivated

There might be a number of reasons due to which your accounts get deactivated. Make sure to understand and do not process the below-mentioned reason for account deactivation.

  1. Not doing your work
  2. Do not respect the Instacart alcohol policy
  3. Low ratings
  4. High cancellation rate
  5. Give the Instacart receipt to the customer
  6. Unacceptable or fraudulent activity
  7. Shopping with someone else
  8. Violation of applicable law or regulation

Instacart unlock your account

Why Instacart locked your account? If you attempt to log into your Instacart account with the incorrect password more than 5 times, the system will automatically lock you out as a safety precaution. You will receive an email directly to your email address to unlock your account. You will get the email associated with your account. By tapping on the link to that email, you can easily unlock your account.


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