How to Delete Hulu Account

Having multiple profiles on your Hulu account ensured that each of your friends and family has a personalized account tailored to their interests. Hulu allows you to create up to six profiles on one account. But due to any reason, if you want to delete your Hulu account or profile on Hulu, you can do so by accessing the streaming service’s settings and following the steps below.

How to Delete Hulu Account

If you want to delete your Hulu account, make sure you follow the steps below. Here we are going to explain how you can delete a Hulu account on the computer.

1. Go to and log in to your account. Select the account holder’s profile.

How to Delete Hulu Account

2. Select the name again in the top-right corner to go to the Manage Your Account Screen.

Manage Your Account Screen

You will see the Privacy and Settings section in the lower right corner of the page. Click on the California Privacy Rights link.

California Privacy Rights

You will see a Right to delete section on the lower left side of the screen. Click on the Start Deletion link.

Now, when you do it, you will see a warning page alerting you to the consequences of deleting your Hulu account. You can select to either delete your account immediately or delete your account after the end of your current billing cycle. Whichever choice you make, you have to tap the Start Deletion button to complete the process.

deleting your Hulu account

How to Delete Hulu Profile

If you have multiple profiles on your Hulu account, so it’s a good idea to delete clear one of your profiles. However, there can be any reason you are deleting your Hulu profile.  Read and learn how to do so.

1. Visit on your preferred browser. Log in to your account if you are not already logged in. Once you are logged in go to the top right, choose the name of your account. In the drop-down menu, select Manage Profiles. 

select Manage Profiles

3. To delete a profile, scroll to find the name of the profile and then choose the edit icon appearing on the profile (pencil icon) to the right.

To delete a profile

4. In the pop-up window, choose Delete Profile, outlined in red. A new screen will appear asking if you’re confirmed you want to delete. If no, choose Delete Profile.

choose Delete Profile

How to Delete Hulu Account through Spotify

Here what you need to do delete your Hulu account through Spotify.

First, log in to your account with your username and password. Click on View account settings and click Change Plan from the Your Plan section of your account.

How to Delete Hulu Account through Spotify

Scroll to Spotify Free and click Cancel Premium to end your Hulu. Doing so will take you to the confirmation page that tells you what date your Spotify account will change to Spotify Free.

Delete Hulu Account through Spotify

You’ll have to access the premium feature of your Spotify account until the current billing cycle ends, but your Hulu account will be gone.

feature of your Spotify account

How to Remove Hulu Account from Smart TV

1. If you want to remove your Hulu account from Smart TV, press the home button on your OneRemote.

How to Remove Hulu Account from Smart TV

2. Now, using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to, and select APPS.

select APPS

3. Now, select an option and choose the app that you want to delete. Select the Hulu app from the list and hit Delete. To confirm your decision click Delete again.

the app that you want to delete

That’s it.

Note: Here we are using the Samsung Smart TV. You can also delete the Hulu account on other TV as well.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription

You have two options-cancel subscriptions or pause subscription. You can choose to either cancel or pause your subscription. If you just need a bit of time off’ pause your subscription can be a good choice for you. Or maybe you know that you are having a rough financial patch for some time but would like to enjoy Hulu later. It can all be arranged. Find out how to cancel your Hulu subscription here below.

Open the Hulu Website and log into your account if you are not already logged in. Hover your cursor over your account name on the top right and click Account.

how to cancel your Hulu subscription

In the middle column, you will find the option labeled “Cancel Your Subscription.” Click “Continue to Cancel” in the bottom right corner. Fill out the questionnaire properly and correctly, then click Continue to Cancel.


There you have it guys! You can easily delete your Hulu account, doesn’t matter which device you are using. You can do it on your devices- android, iOS, and others.  Hope you like the article and let us know if you have any query about this article.


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