How- to -Delete- Apps -on -Apple- Watch

There is a lot of apps you use and delete on your iPhone, but what about Apple Watch? Off-course, you can also delete the apps from your Apple Watch without your iPhone.  As we all know the Apple Watch is a handy gadget that’s convenient to wear and acts as a mini version of your iPhone, or iPad. However, in some aspects, it still behind the iPhone, such as storing too many apps, photos and etc. As small size the Apple watches, it doesn’t have as much space for apps, music, or photos as the iPhone and iPad do, having dozen of apps on a tiny screen isn’t ideal. So this is to learn “how to delete apps on Apple Watch.”

In this article, we will teach how to remove apps from the Apple watch easily. However, then can be any reason due to which you want to delete apps from apple watch like, free up space or just make it easier to navigate through the apps you use most and etc. The amount of storage space will differ from device to device, but either way, it’s good to know how to delete apps you don’t use in order to free up space for other content and smooth running of your device. Let’s see how to do just that.

How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch

Universal Method (Jiggle Mode)

This jiggle mode is very popular and most applicable to all devices to delete the app. However, you don’t necessarily have to dig out your iPhone if you want to get an app off your Apple Watch. You can permanently delete apps from your Apple Watch in the same way that you delete apps from your iPhone.

1. Go to the Apple Watch’s home screen. Tap and hold on any app icon until you see the app icon start jiggling (shaking). Once the apps start jiggling, you’ll see the big X button on every app icon.

Note: You cannot remove Apple’s own apps.

2. Hit Delete App to confirm the deletion.  Your app now has been deleted.

How to Delete From iPhone Watch App

You can delete your apple watch apps from your iPhone using Watch App. If you want to delete the apps from the watch app read on.

1. To delete an app via the iPhone Watch app, open the app and go to the My Watch section. Swipe down until you see installed on Apple Watch.

2. Find the app you want to remove, and tap the name.  You’ll see a switch that says “Show App on Apple Watch”, which you should then switch to off. The app will be deleted then from the Apple Watch, but don’t worry it will be in the Available section, and if you want you can re-download the app to your watch by tapping install.

How to Turn Off Automatic App Install on Apple Watch

This is good to turn off your Apple Watch because if you accidentally enabled automatic app install, so you may also be needlessly cluttering up your watch with all kinds of apps you’ll never use. In spite of all, one big reason why an Apple Watch can run low on storage is because of automatic app install. This basically means that whatever you install and app to your iPhone, if it has a companion Apple Watch version, it will automatically be dropped onto your Apple Watch too.

You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by shutting off this feature. Doing so will let you understand that you’re in control of how much storage space you have and which apps may be filling your screen.

1. Here’s what you need to do: Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to My Watch. Then, tap General, and you should see a switch called Automatic App Install. Swipe it off, and you won’t be able to have those automatic downloads cluttering the Watch.

Note: After a time, if you want to manually install an Apple Watch version of an iPhone app, just look for it in the Available Apps section and tap Install. That’s it.


There you have it! In this article “how to delete apps on Apple watch” we have explained two ways to delete the apps on your Apple watch. Delete apps from Apple Watch itself or delete Apple watch apps from iPhone.


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