How to Delete Amazon Account

India’s biggest shopping platform “Amazon” is like a shopping portal for all the sellers directly from the origin to the digital world. Amazon not only supports the expert sellers, but it also supports those who are so enthusiastic about their work, business, or has some exciting quality from that they can sell something and earn more.  is like “Apni Dukaan” where you can your stuff. Amazon has more than 2.5 million currently active sellers and a million counts of buyers as well.

As Amazon is a great platform so deleting your Amazon account won’t be so easy or basically, you cannot delete your Amazon account by yourself.  You need to place the request and once it will approve from the Amazon side then your account will be closed automatically with your confirmation. Here’s a guide you can follow to “How to delete Amazon account.”  Read on:

How to Delete Amazon Account

Visit Amazon. in or as you chose to delete your account. If you wish to delete an Indian account then visit Amazon. Or if you want to delete a US account visit Amazon also divides the abroad country; you need to check- if you have an Amazon Dubai account so you need to visit,

sign in amazon account

Once you logged into your account using your email id or phone and password, find the “Customer Service” and click on it.  Under Browser Help Topics, choose “Managing your Orders” and then select “More” in Managing Orders.

Browse help topics

Next, on the Managing your account page, next to Account Updates, select Close your Account. Read through the detailed information about the ramifications of closing your account. To continue, tap “Contact Us.”

Amazon Contact us

Now ‘Request your Data” and select an issue, choose “Close my account” and delete my data from the drop-down menu.

Close my amazon account

Note: Here you can find the Amazon toll-free number if you’d like to call a customer service agent and ask them to delete your account. 

You can do an email about closing your account request, to do so, select E-mail under “How would you like to contact us”?

Amazon toll-free number

Fill the email form with all your correct information and confirm that you want to close your account and data deleted, and then hit Send E-mail. Amazon will respond within 12 hours with further information.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Note: Once you delete your account, you cannot use this account again. If you want to use the Amazon service again, you’ll have to create an Amazon account again.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is a cool and useful service that everyone can use. It’s just for $119 per year, you enjoy a range of benefits, from free two-day shipping on most products to a vast lineup of streaming movies and TV shows via Amazon Video, a large music library through Amazon Music, and a Kindle e-book lending library.

However, if you decide to end your Prime Membership? Perhaps it’s no longer in the budget, or you signed up just for Prime Day or free holiday package delivery. The best part of Amazon Prime Membership is that if you’re a paying member who hasn’t used your benefits, you’re eligible for a full refund of the current membership period, which should be processed within three to five days.  Okay, let’s go through the process.

Visit, log into your account, and navigate to the top right corner of the page. Fly over your personalized greeting that says “Account & Lists” and tap on “Your Prime Membership” from the drop-down menu.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

You can see the “Your Prime Membership” page it will show your membership info, including your preferred payment card, the date your account is good through, as well an option to end your membership.  Find the option that says “End Membership and Benefits” option on the left side of the page and click on it.

Amzon payment

Here, Amazon will show you all the benefits you’ll be missing out on in order to convince you to stay on board. Scroll to the bottom and choose the “I do not want my benefits” button.

Cancel AmaZon Membership

Amazon will then follow-up twice to make sure that you want to cancel your membership. Click “Continue to Cancel” and then “Cancel Membership” on the two subsequent screens that appear to cancel your account.


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